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    Author: Trottier, Maurice
    Date: 1983-2-10
    Publication: Editions Lafayette
    Language : fr
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    Un ensemble de brèves présentations littéraires et d'études sur les vies et les ouevres de plusieurs écrivain(e)s - locales et internationales, anglophones et francohpones - qui ont eu un influence sur l'auteur. Des réactions à la traduction de "Evangeline" par l'auteur, Maurice Trottier, écrits par ses lecteurs. Composé en trois segments, sur ou par les personnes qui suivent:

    Poètes versificateurs: Alice Lemieux Lévesque; Rosaire Dion-Lévesque, Louis Dantin; Emilie-Jeanne Sorson, Anny Ticx, Roger Erre, Henriette Brondani, Roger Forst, Alfred Jarry; Alfred Tennyson, William Cullen Bryant, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Poètes prosateurs: Antoine de Saint-Exupery; Henri d'Arles; Saint François de Sales

    Interpretateurs: Rosaire Dion Lévesque; L'Illettré; Séraphin Marion; Rodolphe Laplante; Antoine Goulet; Pierre Courtines; René Herval
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    Author: Hutchinson, Gloria
    Date: 1985
    Publication: MEGA Magnified (Madawaska's Efforts for Gifted Adolescents)
    Language : English
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    A collection of student writings in celebration of the 200th year of the Acadian settlement at St. David, Maine, in the northern St. John River Valley. Created during a 1985 Madawaska, Maine summer program for gifted and talented students - MEGA Magnified - under the direction of Gloria Hutchinson.

    Includes the following pieces:

    Introduction, Gloria Hutchinson
    "The Acadians," by Msgr. Gilman Chalout
    Sneak Previews

    "The Sanctuary," by Robert P. Cyr
    "The Time for When to Go," by Carol Dufour Baker
    "Oui, Je Me Souviens," by Carol Dufour Baker
    "Give Me a Spot in Northern Maine," by Jane Martin
    "Growing Up on the Border," by Kim Geraghty
    "Two Languages Are Better Than One," by Janet Hebert
    "Daigle-Boone: A Game Behaviorist," by Christian Cyr
    "Yesterday Came Suddenly," by Mary Marin
    "Are Acadians Becoming Americanized?" by Joey Keller

    Student Pictures

    "The Accursed," by Gina Miranda
    "Raindrops from the East," by Lori Ann Albert
    "The Vengeance of Three-Fingered Willie," by Shawn Guerrette
    "A Pair of Star-Cross'd Lovers," by Tina Chasse
    "Crossing the Threshold," by Gary Albert
    "In the Name of Honor," by Jenny Albert
    "Notes from a Terrorist," by T. Mark Kelly
    "Valley Images" (Selected Poems), by T. Chasse, R. P. Cyr, C. Baker, G. M. Miranda, G. Hutchinson
    "In Memoriam," by Christian Cyr

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    Author: Johnson State College
    Date: 1972
    Publication: Unknown
    Language : en
    Find in a library: Unknown
    Small publication featuring poetry, fiction, and visual art from students at Johnson State College in Johnson, Vermont.

    Contains the following works:

    "It Was Haunted Wood," "He Works Unhurried" by Robert Chamberlain
    "Daydream," "Opiated Lover" by Ted Creighton
    "If I Say That I Love You" by Jill Gallant
    "Your Touch Is Too Gentle," "Never Before Have I Seen," "The Morning's Softness Is Arriving" by Glenda Haskell
    "The Candle Flame Wavers" by Susan Marzbanian
    "Inkling" by John Mason
    "Watching People" by Ann Odell
    "American-City-Sidewalk-Superintendent-Blues" by H. Romero
    "Letter," "When She Only Had Her Thoughts," "You Make the Confusion" by Robert Searles "Time (Again)" by Linda Shaw
    "First Snow," "Cottage," "Sometimes at Night" by Valerie Stoddard
    "The Story," "Heritage," "Donna Whispers," "Memere Would Sit" by Liliane Tetreault

    "A Time of Winter" by Leon Betts
    short fiction by Frederick Fisher

    photograph by Dana Carlson
    photographs by Ted Creighton
    cover art by Peter Flint
    painting and drawing by Jay Hoyt
    drawing by Jim LaBelle
    "Manners" by Simon McGann
    drawing by Wendy Wells
    photograph by Jaimie Wolf
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